Could you benefit from a Detox?
DO any of these symptoms sound familiar? 
  • Fatigue
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Flu Like Symptoms 
  • ​Inability to Lose Weight 
  • ​Feel worse after massage or adjustment
  • ​Odd Metallic Taste in mouth
  • ​Itchy skin, especially between shoulder blades
  • ​Get hot while sleeping at night
  • Muscle Aches and Pains
  • Irritability 
  • ​Premature Aging 
  • ​Chronic Inflammation
  • ​Acne or Skin Irritation 
  • ​Fragrances bother you
  • Headaches over your right eye
  • ​Frequent bloating
  • ​Frequent use of Antacids
  • Depression and Mood Swings 
  • Gastro-Intestinal Tract Irregularities 
  • ​Hormonal Fluctuations
  • ​ You often just don’t feel very good
  • ​You often just don’t feel very good
  • ​Foggy brain, forgetful
  • ​Annoying sinus allergies

These may be signs that your body is over-burdened with harmful toxins. 

Every day our bodies are exposed to harmful chemicals from environmental pollutants, medications, contaminants in our water supply, pesticides and hormones in our foods, personal care products, cleaning agents and more. While our body’s natural detoxification system is quite spectacular, the rate at which we are exposed to these toxins can often be over-bearing for our bodies to handle, often resulting in the symptoms mentioned above.

You’ll be happy to know there are certain lifestyle recommendations and natural protocols that can help support your body in safely and effectively removing toxins. You can go back to feeling healthy, vibrant, energized and sharp again!

Introducing Dr. Mayfield's Detox Clear Program

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Dr. Robin Mayfield, DC 

Hi, I'm Dr. Mayfield. As a holistic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist and herbalist of almost thirty years, I’ve seen health trends come and go. 

I’ve called on my decades of experience to put together this Detox and Clear plan for you, rather than merely following passing trends. My honed expertise is in digestive problems, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances and mostly the gray area of “I just don’t feel good anymore”. 

As a practitioner, my “superpower” lies in melding the art and the science of healing to pull together the bigger picture of what’s happening. I can't wait to help you on your journey to greater health.

My patients wanted an annual cleanse to continue their optimal healthcare once they have resolved health issues in the clinic. This plan has worked so well that I am now offering it to you without having to be a patient in the clinic.
Here's what people are already saying about Dr. Mayfield's Detox Clear Program...
"I have a long history of letting supplements die on my pantry shelves, but the detox supplements changed the game for me. By day 5 on the detox plan, I had energy and mental clarity that I hadn't seen in years. When you have Hashimoto's, everyone tells you that brain fog and general sluggishness, are just to be expected-- and in my young 30's I've refused to sit back and take that as an answer, which led me to Dr. Mayfield this year. With no other major tweaks to my lifestyle, by day 5 I was sleeping through the night again, waking up with energy, staying focused at work, and sustaining that energy through the day to evening workouts. I used the Well World app almost daily, making sure I remembered to take the supplements, drink enough water, and tracking fluctuations in my weight, bowel movements, and energy. It's been nice to log those items in one place, making me pay attention to it all, and see if Dr. Mayfield notices any patterns that may be relevant on my healing journey. So far, so good!" 

 – Marie R. 

"I was one of the first people to encourage Dr. Mayfield to offer this information [Detox Clear Program] to the world, as I realized that everyone, not just a fortunate few, needs this information. And I also know that she literally spent years and thousands of dollars getting to this point where she has narrowed the field down to a few good choices, so that the rest of us aren’t throwing money out the window. Why would you NOT want this? Can you afford NOT to get it?” Get on the road to optimal health and wellness and get this today."

 – Rose Shaw, counselor

"I lost weight with Dr. Mayfield’s Detox Clear, and decided to do a second round. My sleep is better, my energy is better and my family loves that I’m not so irritable now! I think this will be an annual event for me from now on."

 – Suzan Harper

"I used to suffer from the lack of deep, restful sleep. The pain from my sore muscles and tender joints were also a big part of the problem. Because of the supplements, my body is now able to better cope with my fibromyalgia." 

 – Jo Ann, legal assistant

"I feel like I'm walking out of a fog. When I wake up in the morning, it feels like I WANT to start doing things again. I am not lying in bed dreading the thought of getting up and making myself get started. I actually feel like starting the day. "

 – Rita Hoover, pet therapist

"The supplements Dr. Mayfield has created have increased my energy, reduced my pain, and greatly enhanced my immune system. I used to get numerous sinus and bronchial infections each year. They have been reduced dramatically since I used Dr. Mayfield’s protocol."

 – Marilyn S., counselor

"Dr. Robin’s recommendations have helped me dramatically improve the health of my patients. I trust her years of clinical experience, and I have seen the results with my own patients using the products she recommends. She recommends the highest quality products with proven results. It doesn’t get any better than that!"

- Dr. Angela Bumstead

"I have known Dr. Mayfield for over 15 years as a health care provider. Because of her extensive education and experience in working in the natural health care field, I trust her ability to thoroughly evaluate and recommend only the best products."

 - Suzanne G. Thomas, artist

"Dr. Mayfield has studied herbs and supplements since I’ve met her, over 20 years ago. If she says she has seen a product have results, then you can count on that."   

- Margee Hyer, flight attendant

"I trust Dr. Mayfield to find absolutely the most useful and best products to help me heal. She has always been a wonderfully intuitive healer, using a wide spectrum of methods and supplements to further her mission." 

- Dr. Elyn Aviva, author

"I always got great results from the products you recommended. (This is) a valuable resource to those of us out there who trusted your opinions on which products were best for us." 

- Catherine Myers

"I believe that Dr. Robin Mayfield is one of the most trustworthy, dedicated, and knowledgeable practitioners in her field and in the field of natural, alternative and supplemental nutrition and medication."  

- Carol, LPC, M.Ed.

"I have used the products recommended by Dr. Mayfield, and can verify that they work! … Don’t waste money buying things to find out if they work – trust her judgment and years of doing that for you! To be able to stay at my desk and choose something on the internet that will really help me, with minimal effort on my part is HUGE."

- Damon, photographer and computer analyst

"Dr. Robin is a highly skilled chiropractor who helped me tremendously with her nutritional recommendations. I was tapped out from two small children and a tough marriage. Her diet and supplement plan for me gave me energy, clarity and a sense of possibility when I needed it most. She is a wonderful person and I recommend Dr. Robin to anyone wanting to improve their health and the quality of their life. Don’t miss out!” 

- Mary Morton, singer

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